Łódź Ghetto

Created on May 1, 1940 to intern the 164,000 original Jewish inhabitants of Łódź, most of whom were killed at Chelmno or sent to labor camps. During the war, some 43,000 people died there from starvation and disease. When the Russian army occupied Łódź in January 1945, only 877 Jews remained.

51.801389, 19.441389

Founding date:
May 1, 1940
Dissolution date:
Liberated by:
Location: Łódź, Poland
Alternate Name(s):
Getto Litzmannstadt, Getto łódzkie, Ghetto Litzmannstadt, Litzmannstadt-Geto, Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Litzmannstadt-Getto

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